Honestly, this guy is awesome and more than anyone I’ve come across in the St. Louis area truly knows what he is doing and talking about.

Call him. Quit wondering if it matters. It does.

I was concerned I would not like the end product. However, I loved my results and enjoyed the process.

I didn’t have a concern I just wasn’t sure what I was walking into but you made it a fun, comfortable environment.

I often don’t rush into things as I think through every possible alternative before making a decision. For some reason I knew instantly after reading your bio and browsing your portfolio that there was a good combination of personality and photography. I thought I made the choice too fast but by five minutes into the session I knew I had made the right decision.

I would say that you are in the very top percent of headshot photographers, your results are amazing and they would be very comfortable under your guidance and will get a terrific result. 

I was concerned my headshots would not turn out as great as the headshots on your website, instead your expertise and skill with the process gave me confidence that you were seeing what I wanted to see and were guiding me to ensure the end result would be terrific. I quickly trusted your judgment, your eye and efficiency around the process and ultimately the end result.

I loved the lighthearted atmosphere mixed with incredible confidence and professionalism from Randy. This made me feel comfortable and gave me the courage that what we were creating would be what I was looking for.

I was concerned that it would be silly and unproductive. It was kind of silly (more chin, lower your eyelids), but the end result was spectacular. I enjoyed the attention to detail of the shots and the professionalism that you had throughout the shoot. 

My headshot really stands out amongst the majority of the headshots on LinkedIn.   

I truly enjoyed listening to your direction, seeing the ongoing process in the camera and getting the headshots and sending them to family and friends to rate.  

I actually have already recommended Randy! I’ve let friends in my business know that it was worth the time and money invested, that it was a painless experience.

I’ve told people that you are incredibly professional and make the sessions fun and the quality of your work is great.

Randy has a great artistic sense and knows how to create images that are interesting and effective!

It was the weirdest experience in my life (learning to “model”), and I learned a ton of weird things, but I got a great headshot that I think makes me stand out.


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