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The first thing people will look at when perusing your LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ or Bio on the company website is the image you have put there. The internet has transformed how people communicate and build relationships. It’s about connections. It is commonplace for a potential client to do research on you before doing business and put a face to the name. When you look up someone on LinkedIn, Google+ or Facebook, what is the very first thing you look at…their picture. Putting a professional and approachable headshot of you online will help them make that connection. YOU are your brand.

In other words, your HEADSHOT is your brand…make sure it says the right thing.



Get plenty of sleep in the days before your headshot session and stay hydrated. Don’t go out drinking the night before. Don’t do anything crazy with your hair the week before the session. Remember you should look like you normally do on your very best day!


I ask that you bring a bunch of different looks (7-10) but understand that you mostly need to bring shirts and blouses. Bring your favorites! The happier you are with your clothing selections, the happier you will be with the final product. Be yourself! Don’t be afraid to mix it up with different cuts, colors, layers and textures. Bring a wide variety of colors and don’t be seasonal. I would avoid bulky, baggy or puffy clothing or anything that is overly embroidered. Bring very little jewelry. Please wear appropriate brassieres and avoid brightly colored bras. Any shot where your bra strap or an outline is showing is a no-no. Also, men & women, please make sure that your eyebrows have been well groomed before our shoot.

Your headshot should reflect your personality and I want clothing that will jive with who you are as well as project confidence and approachability.



Women must wear makeup and if you would like me to provide a makeup artist for the session I can do that for you. There will be an additional cost. If you are going to do your own I would suggest you start off light and very naturally to give yourself a clean look and then we can add on as the session progresses. Your makeup should look very natural. In other words, your makeup should not be the first or second thing someone notices when looking at you. No color around the eyes! You are responsible for your hair. The only thing I ask is that your hair is ready when you walk in the door. Your hair in your headshot should match the way you will look in person or at an audition. We may put your hair up or down during the session for a different look so bring whatever styling tools you may need. If you ever where a ponytail, definitely bring whatever you need in case we want to put your hair up!


It is not required but I can also provide a makeup artist for men as well for an additional charge. Haircuts are important, however, and I recommend getting one a few days before our session (not the morning of). If you normally wear a couple of days growth on your face…leave it. Bring a razor with you and we can always shoot some at the end of the session clean-shaven.

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