St. Louis-Based Headshot Photographer Makes Short List of Associate Photographers Worldwide 

Randall Kahn, a St. Louis-based photographer, has been named one of only 30 Associate Photographers in the world. 

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI – (December 10, 2013) – Randall Kahn, of Randall Kahn Photography, has been named as one of only 30 Associate Photographers in the world. Specializing in headshot photography, he was recently named to the prestigious list that is put out by PH2PRO, a world-renowned referral service and community for headshot photographers. The list of 30 elite photographers put out by the company focuses only on including the best in their field, who consistently produce high quality work.

“I’m beyond thrilled to be included in such a group of great photographers from around the world,” explains Randall Kahn. “Being selected by a community of 4,000 other photographers is an honor. I look forward to being a part of this group and in continuing to do what I love, which is to provide people with the absolute best headshots.”

 PH2PRO, who lists their Associate photographers at, is the leading headshot community in the world. Associate photographers in the group come from all around the globe, including the U.S., Germany, and the United Arab Emerites. The group consists of simply some of the best headshot photographers from all corners of the world.

 Many people seek high quality headshots each year because of the many ways that they can be used in both personal and professional areas of their lives. Headshots are used by business and talent professionals, including executives, actors, actresses, models, and many others who work in professional careers. While corporate headshots are popular, those for the regular population are also becoming more so. Many people are getting professional headshots to use on their social media sites, dating sites, blogs, and other such online mediums.

Working with Kahn for a professional headshot ensures that you will get the highest quality photo that presents you in a professional manner. He helps each client to not only look their best, but to provide tips regarding what clothing, make-up, and colors will work best with their complexion. This helps provide each person with a headshot they will be able to use in a variety of situations. Most importantly, his mission is to help people bring out their personality, confidence, and approachability in their headshot. Headshots don’t have to be boring or stiff anymore!

“A headshot is so important today,” adds Kahn. “It is literally the first thing someone sees when searching for you on the web. A headshot is your brand and you want it to say the right thing. That’s what I strive for with every client, helping to bring out the best in themselves in every portrait I take. I want to help them make the first impression count!”

About Randall Kahn Photography

Randall Kahn Photography serves the entire St. Louis, Missouri area and the Midwest with professional headshots. He specializes in working with talent and business professionals in crafting and creating personal branding materials for use online, in the media, professionally and more. For more information, visit or



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