Headshot Session Info

As far as I’m concerned the headshot session is for you and I to create marketing materials that will work for you. I am a director of sorts, using who you are, your expressions and personality to create headshots that unmistakably reflect the best you. In order to do this we will shoot between 2-5 different looks depending upon the length of your session, as you may be able to use each of these for different purposes. I will generally shoot each look until we both agree that we have it covered. My sessions generally range from 1-2 hours and I will shoot approximately 250 shots over the course of a longer shoot. There is no limit though. If we are having a great time, we may end up shooting 400 shots over 3 hours. My style is to shoot horizontal shots on a white background. Why? I feel this style is clean, sleek, timeless and perfectly suits showing off the best you. As we are shooting, we will continually review a set of images together so you will get a feel for where and how the session is going. By working together this way we can make adjustments as we go along and by the end of the session, you will know exactly what you will be getting from me. Whether you are an executive, entrepreneur, actor, model, career changer or student, my reason for being if you will, is to give you headshots that work for you.

In today’s social media/networking/connection driven world, you absolutely must spend some time thinking about what you want your image to say about you. Why wouldn’t you? As petty or irrational as it may seem visual impressions are often powerful and long lasting. Think Apple. How it looks. How it feels. Yes, it performs magnificently but you only know this after you have fallen in love with the product aesthetic. It’s inspiring. It’s clean, sleek, bright and simple. Your headshot, done professionally, does the exact same thing. It should project your unique aesthetic or essence.

I used to have the saying in my bio that my work was “an effort to capture real and honest images of people.” From the moment I starting using my camera that is what I’ve always tried to do with my work. This is exactly what you want from your headshot…a real and honest image without a single glimmer of doubt in your expression that captures you for who you are. I was recently told by a client, “I was scared to death before I came to see you but you truly put me at ease, made the whole experience a blast and most importantly, caught me for who I am.” Boom! That’s it. Nothing else. I couldn’t have been happier for that client. Forget about the equipment, the makeup or lights, as any professional headshot photographer knows it all boils down to this…we want to capture a moment in time, an expression, a glimmer in your eye, or the hint of a smile where you show the world what you have to offer and why there is only one of you.

For pricing and more info either shoot me an email at randy@randallkahn.com or give me a ring at 314.283.6898.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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