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Best of all, I’ll make you feel 200% comfortable doing it, guaranteed.

Whether you are an executive, entrepreneur, actor, model, high school senior, or someone simply looking to refresh their personal branding, I’m here to make you feel proud to put yourself out there. By the close of our session, you will have a slate of images that are distinguished, remarkable, memorable, and most importantly -- bring out the qualities in you that you want others to see.


St. Louis, Missouri

In today's world of personal branding, a great headshot is the new handshake. If you are serious about the way others perceive you, professional headshots are imperative. My mission as a photographer is to make sure that you’re seen in the best light possible --a light that casts you in the highest regard and attracts newfound opportunities.

I want to make it easier for a recruiter to set up a meeting because they saw that “something special” in you that sparked their interest. In today's world of personal branding, whatever your profession or talent, a great headshot can truly make a powerful statement. I took up photography in 2008 after an long career as an attorney, CEO, and business professional. Since that time what really fuels me is the positive impact my photography has had for my clients both in their professional as well as personal lives.

My goal for each shoot is to cater to the individual client, making sure even the shyest person feels at ease in front of the camera! I promise to capture your confidence, authenticity, friendliness, approachability, sense of humor and trustworthiness. I want people to feel comfortable reaching out to you about your business. I want a casting director to see that sly hint of a smile and call you in. I want someone to recognize you at a party because your LinkedIn headshot already made that positive first impression.

Randy is great at what he does, the best headshot photographer around. Very knowledgable, professional, great coach, and does an excellent job at getting you a headshot that is both authentic and you on your best day. Highly recommend.

Gordon M.


Randy was amazing to work with. He made me feel so comfortable during the photo session, and the hour of taking pictures flew by. We got to look at the pictures together multiple times throughout the session so that I could adjust or change things for the next round of pictures if I wanted. He also had great suggestions himself and knew exactly what to say to get me to adjust my smile or my angle a certain way to get the desired result. These are by far the best pictures that I have of myself and I am so glad that I went to Randy for my headshots.

Katherine S.


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Past clients have included Fortune 100 business executives, doctors, attorneys, real estate & insurance agents, professionals of all kinds, students, actors, models, and outstanding people who are all putting their best selves forward.

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Named one of the 9 Best Commercial Photographers in St. Louis

He is masterful in the pre-shoot coaching session, during the photography session and after the session; with communication and expectations

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